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I was born in 1976 in a small city called Ramnicu Valcea, in Romania.
I always wanted to get out and travel around the world. So, I bought a camera in 2008.
Just to shoot naked girls. I was young and restless. I still am.
Photography is conecting people. This is how I met my wife. And I am still shooting naked girls. I can consider myself a lucky man.
I took with her my very first good images. That’s why I truly believe in a strong connection with the models.

My photography is about capturing emotions, not just a nice face, body or location.
I am inspired by a lot of artists around the world, I continuously invest in books and magazines.
Everywhere I go, I search some photography book stores and buy something.
I’ve even throw away some clothes because I didn’t have enough space in my luggage.
I work now as a profesional photographer, it’s not just a hobby anymore.
I opened my new studio in Bucharest and I am working a lot to improve myself. I still have a lot of stories to tell…